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Benefits of a HELOC

Most people understand the overwhelming benefits that come from home ownership. Every mortgage payment builds equity, creating a forced savings account. There are tax benefits to home ownership, as well as a strong sense of commitment to acquiring and maintaining something you can call your own. Fewer people are familiar with just how they can make that equity in their home work for them right now, while they still live in the home, instead of waiting for a day, far in the future, when they sell the home and reap the financial benefits. Read more →

Save Money On Your Property Tax Bill

In many parts of the country, property tax bills are second in size only to mortgage payments. If you recently have had an increase in your property taxes, a high tax assessment by the tax assessor or you just think your property taxes are a bit high, you may be able to lower it. The first step is to review your tax assessment carefully and look for errors. Many municipalities hire appraisal companies to assess the value of properties under their jurisdiction, and those companies have been known to make mistakes. Read more →

Do I Qualify for a Mortgage?

The moment you walk into a for-sale house and realize it’s exactly what you’re looking for is an unforgettable one. Like most homebuyers, you’re probably envisioning what life will be like in your new home, but you still have a ways to go before you get the keys. How you’re going to finance the purchase is the most important step in the home-buying process. Before you put in an offer, you should start the pre-qualification process with a mortgage lender. Read more →

How to Finance Your First Investment Property If You’re Not Rich

Investment real estate is one of the best ways to build steady cash flow, but getting started in the industry is daunting. Aside from everything you need to learn about buying and managing real estate, you also need a 20 percent down payment and enough income to qualify for a mortgage. Those barriers reinforce the adage that “it takes money to make money,” and keep a lot of low- and middle-income people out of the real estate market. Read more →